Welcome to daybreak studios!

daybreak studios is the commercial enterprise of Clarence Schumaker, a.k.a. Shoe - just another creative human being who enjoys living and working along the western shore of Chesapeake Bay.

Through daybreak studios I've produced a diverse array of original and custom artwork - from logos and graphic designs, to technical drawings and highly detailed digital illustrations, to fine art paintings in acylic, watercolor and oil, to large scale murals and interactive exhibits, as well as three-dimensional sculptures, models and fabrications.

I strive to create inventive, durable artwork of the finest quality, some of which can be seen in Visitor Centers at National Parks, Historic Monuments, and Museums in many locations throughout the United States, as well as in France and Puerto Rico.

A brief history: After earning an A.A. from Prince George's Community College in 1984, I worked as a Technical Illustrator with Secret and Top Secret Clearances for a few D.O.D. contractors before going back to school to earn a B.A. from the University of Maryland, College Park in 1988. I worked my way through college in a wide variety of shops until founding my own business, daybreak studios , in 1990.