Fort Moultrie National Monument
Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

model grey

This project was another visitors center collaboration with Color-Ad, Inc. My very small contribution to the total exhibit was to fabricate the following models representing:

1) A cross-section of a rifled cannon segment supporting an actual Civil War era shell.
Actual size is approximately 12" x 12" x 6""D

2) A war torn painted brick wall like those found at the fort.
Actual size is approximatley 6 feet long x 2 feet tall x 2 feet deep

3) A cross-section of the fort structure depicting concrete, turf, and block. As can happen when the model-maker doesn't visit the actual site, after I completed the model depicting a red brick wall, the client (upon seeing the images) informed us that the wall was actually built with grey belgian block. Here you see the original image sent for proofing, along with the corrected and final version.
Actual size is approximatley 30" long x 12" tall x 18" deep