Bandelier National Monument

This diorama (finished size = approx. 90"H x 70.5"W x 70.5"D) is meant to represent ancient Pueblo life in the cavates (cliff dwellings) in Frijoles Canyon. The base model (produced by Color-Ad, Inc.) shows a woman grinding corn inside the cavate while another woman carries more corn up the ladder to her. My job was to create a two-sided background mural that tied into the model which would give a sense of being inside the cave with the village of Tyuoni visible on the canyon floor below. I painted the mural at half-size without the use of the base model or mannequin.

Most all projects start with black & white rough sketches drawn to scale and sent via email for the client to review. Throughout the process changes may be suggested and incorporated, tweaking the drawings as we proceed. Upon approval of the sketches I then create and send color comprehensive drawings (comps) that indicate the intended color pallette and certain other details to be embellished in the final finished piece. Upon approval of the color comps, work begins on the final artwork. The mural was produced half-size in vinyl-acrylic paints on Gatorboard to be scanned, enlarged and printed in sections. Once completed pics are sent to the client via email with details of certian areas if necessary. If all is well I deliver the finished piece and/or install it.

I was not a part of the installation, but Rob at Color-Ad was kind enough to provide me some pics of the finished and installed dioramas so I am able to show you this project from concept to completion. Thanks, Rob!